Difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4

Diffrence between bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4

If you are a front-end developer or anyone who keeps an eye on the latest development in designing, then Bootstrap is not a new word to you. Bootstrap is most used and trusted open source front-end framework to develop responsive and mobile-first website. It is so popular because it requires only basic.

Bootstrap 3 was released in the year 2013 and last stable version Bootstrap 3.3.7 released in July 2016. The first alpha version of Bootstrap 4 was released in August 2015. And now in August 2017, Bootstrap 4.0.0-beta version released.

Now the question remains, what benefit does bootstrap 4 offers, should be using it or stick to bootstrap 3, let’s find out the differences and advantages of bootstrap 4.

What changes in Version 4?


Navigation is made simpler and new list if elements are added to nav base class, some of them are nav- link class, nav bar styles. One can easily recognize the difference as it provides ease of use.

Appearance & Outlook:

Few changes are made in appearance. There is a change in font implementation size, Primary context colour and background colour. Also to make bootstrap 4 lighter, glyph icons are removed and hence manual integration becomes must.


Bootstrap 4 has enhanced version of normalize. Css. Normalize.css is a small CSS file that provides better cross-browser consistency in the default styling of HTML elements.

Grid system:

This can be said as the major improvement in the version 4. Now one can enjoy the presence of 5 grid tiers (earlier version has 4). To bring this change Flexbox was adopted. Now you can scale elements and apply advanced alignment capabilities, horizontal as well as vertical. The aim for bringing this change is to promote customization.

Form control:

Appearance on different browser use to differ in bootstrap 3, version 4 improves it and now it deals well with the inconsistent input control. It also provides custom forms, in the form of custom checkboxes and radio inputs.


Drop-down toggle class is added to improve dropdown toggles.


Pagination is used while dealing with website with multiple pages. In version 4 of bootstrap one need to properly indicate page- item, as well as page link class. Earlier it was enough to just include pagination class to any UL element.


All plugins in bootstrap 4 are composed using SASS, it is available under global jQuery object as JavaScript file

Browser support:

All major browsers like safari, Firefox and opera can be handled well by bootstrap 4.

Utility classes:

The existing functionality is kept as it is and some more utility classes are added to allow for changing the alignment of text and other scaling of embedded media.

Other reasons to go for bootstrap 4

1) Flexbox grid

2) Grid tier

3) Auto layout grid

4) Wide customization options

5) Spacing issues resolved

6) Glyph icons removed for making it lighter

7) Responsive sizing

8) Responsive floats

9) Auto margins

10) Vertical centering

With these above mentioned benefits it is wise to move to bootstrap 4.

How to migrate?

1) Replace bootstrap 3 reference file with the new version 4.

2) Repair navigation bar

3) Substitute the panels and thumbnails

4) Revise pagination markup

5) Remove glyph icons

Have you moved to bootstrap 4 yet? Tell us your views on the latest version . Check out InvenTheme for themes made in bootstrap that can suit your business and Individual needs well.

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