The future of Web Development: Top Trends you can’t ignore in 2019-2020

Wondering why your website is not generating as many sales as you would like! One of the top reasons is you need to reconsider your website design. With the change in the digital marketing trends and revolution in the way we interact with our customers as well as consume information, the need for functional websites is rising.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be functional”
– Cameron Moll

Whether you are a website developer, or a person who like to change their website on their own, or simply an entrepreneur with zero technical knowledge, we bring you most trending features in Web Design, for 2019 – 2020 which will make your website functional. The websites in the coming years will continue to break down walls and push the boundaries of our imagination.

Top website design trends in the coming revolutionary era:

Page load speed

Faster websites can help increase conversions and user engagement. The faster you make your website the more likely your visitors will stick around. Increase that page load time and establish a decent competition with your potential competitor.

3 Dimensional Illustrations

Flat designs were in trend for a long period of time, but now is the time of 3D illustrations that combine together humans and the digital world. This trend is being adopted a lot of companies these days as it provides a good UX, looks joyful and explicit, as well as it makes easy to understand the message from one picture.

Mobile First Approach

With the millennial customers constantly on the move, the mobile first approach is turning into a pattern. Almost 60% of the traffic comes from mobile devices and many companies are adopting the mobile first design over responsive. In the coming years, there will be no place for the website that is not catering to their mobile audience

Micro Animations

Micro animations or motion effects are a ground-breaking approach transforming the look and feel of the website. Giving a little liveliness to the site it engages the user for a longer period of time and can be easily achieved through mousse over or tap on an element.

Chatbots/ Machine Learning

In recent times, speaking with bots and interfacing has become quite trendy. These messaging platforms are the future of web design enabling organizations to take quick decisions on customer demands and boosts online sales. By 2020, almost 80% of the online transactions will be handled by a chatbot.

Massive Text and Shapes

For a long period of time newspapers and magazines follow the concept of massive text which is now being adopted by e-commerce websites. Screen dominating texts gives the same effect as newspaper seen on a showcase and is all about getting the user’s attention as well as create a new brand identity.


Technology is changing rapidly influencing user demands. These updates will help you stand out of your competitors and create a website that matches the newest trends. The future of the Business 4.0 revolution is being influenced by a good website. If you have an eye on the future implementing these ideas now!

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